About the Artist

Stuart Webb was born in Hertfordshire and spent much of his youth on the Isle of Wight, where his lifelong love of water and the sea – the subject of much of his early work – was born.

Later he moved to Oxfordshire and this was when he began to develop and refine his approach to landscape painting. More recently, Stuart’s many years living in Chiswick and Barnes have inspired him to put together a new collection of paintings of local riverscapes, buildings and street scenes.

Stuart has always loved painting animals and, in particular, dogs of every possible breed and character. Thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations, these canine portraits, which can be done in all sizes, have become highly popular. Usually working to commission from photographs, his canvas works are achieved with acrylic paint and his buildings and street scenes on heavy-duty art paper with a blend of acrylic and ink.

While Stuart’s meticulous attention to detail is very much a signature of all his work – at times, it is almost photographic in accuracy – he still always manages to vividly catch the true character and spirit of his subjects.

‘Naturally, everyone who commissions a work from me is passionate about the subject. That’s why it’s always such a thrill for me to share that emotion and capture it in a painting,’ he says. ‘I love fresh creative challenges. So, whatever you have in mind, feel free to talk to me about it.’